Public Awareness Pipeline Safety Survey-Affected Public

Superior Energy Company is required to evaluate the effectiveness of our public awareness program in order to comply with 49 CFR part 192. Please complete the following survey. Your participation is appreciated!

1. Did you know that a natural gas pipeline is buried near you home or business?(Required)
2. Have you received any safety related information from SEC in the last year?(Required)
3. Are you familiar with the “Miss Dig” utility locating system?(Required)
4. Did you know that SEC will locate their buried lines at no charge to you if you call the “Miss Dig” before digging?(Required)
5. Did you know that SEC marks the location of their lines with yellow paint or flags, or both?(Required)
6. Did you know that if you suspect a gas leak you are supposed to vacate the area, tell other to do the same and call SEC from a safe area away from the leak to report it?(Required)
7. Have you or anyone you know ever suffered any injuries or damage associated with a natural gas emergency?(Required)
8. What kind of job is being done by SEC to inform you and people like you about pipeline safety?(Required)
9. What are indications that a natural gas pipeline is leaking (please check all that apply):(Required)
Are you a current SEC Customer?(Required)
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.