Public Awareness Pipeline Safety Survey-EMERGENCY RESPONDER

Superior Energy Company is required to evaluate the effectiveness of our public awareness program in order to comply with 49 CFR part 192. Please complete the following survey. Your participation is appreciated!

1. Did you know that a natural gas pipeline is buried throughout the area?(Required)
2. Have you received any safety related information from SEC in the last year?(Required)
3. Do you know how to contact SEC in case of an emergency?(Required)
4. Have you or anyone in the department met with any representatives from the natural gas industry to discuss pipeline safety within the past 12 months?(Required)
5. Does your group have a response plan or standard operating procedure for responding to a natural gas leak incident?(Required)
6. Do you think that your group is reasonably well prepared to deal with a natural gas leak?(Required)
7. Has your group responded to an incident involving a natural gas leak in the past year?(Required)
8. Do you know that the flow of gas to a structure can be discontinued by shutting off the valve located at the structure, or by pinching off the service or main line feeding gas to the premises?(Required)
9. Have any citizens or businesses expressed concern in the last year about any issue regarding natural gas safety?(Required)
10. What are indications that a natural gas pipeline is leaking (please check all that apply)(Required)
Are you a current SEC Customer?(Required)